Review: Making Waves by Lorna Seilstad

null When Marguerite Westing’s father decides to take his family to Lake Manawa for the summer Marguerite is ecstatic. Marguerite is fun loving and a dreamer. She can’t wait to explore the sights and get away from Roger Gordon. Although Roger has been courting Marguerite she can’t seem to develope feelings for “boring” Roger. She need excitement. She needs strawberry sundaes while Roger is straight vanilla. Little does she know at first that he is also cruel and vindictive. Marguerite feels that no matter how hard she tries she could never love Roger. When she meets Trip Andrews she has not doubt Roger Isn’t the man for her because it’s Trip who has stolen her heart.

Trip Andrews can’t abide lying and doesn’t trust women. Growing up believing his mother abandoned him has hardened his heart and his resolve not to be hurt by a woman but when Marguerite worms her way into his heart he finds his resolve slipping.

When Marguerite’s father loses all of their money gambling she feels obligated to marry Roger and deny her heart’s desire. Will she be able to trust God enough to risk everything or will she continue lying to herself?

Amid the romance and drama going on in her life, Marguerite goes on a spiritual journey of trust. She goes from questioning God to fully trusting Him. I loved this story. It took me to a place I have never been In a romance book before. 1895, water carnivals, fireworks. I never knew those things existed in that time. You’ll love the adventure!

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My Rating: 5 out of 5 Palms



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