Review: Waiting For Morning by Margaret Brownley

null I LOVE this book so much I went and bought the first book in the series! Margaret Brownley is a newly discovered author for me but I love her writing. The way Molly takes care of her wheelchair-bound brother Donny is remarkable. Even though she feels guilt over his accident. Trying to learn how to run a ranch and care for her brother is a full-time job but Molly is determined to do both. Even more remarkable is the way Dr. Caleb Fairbanks treats her brother Donny. Where others stare and avoid him, Caleb takes a personal interest in Donny and helps him to become independent. All the while, he is drawn to Molly and the attraction they share is undeniable. Will Molly be able to uphold the famous “Clause” in the contract to become the new owner of the Last Chance Ranch?

I understood Donny on so many levels. The anguish of feeling trapped in a body that doesn’t want to “follow instructions” when given. Feeling as though no dreams are within your grasp. Mrs. Brownley used Donny’s character to show that, no matter your circumstances, anything is possible as long as you believe and never give up. Caleb treated Donny with respect and helped him to reach within himself to find inner strength. This book has a fantastic story mixed with a little humor and a beautiful ending. A MUST read!

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My Rating: 5 out of 5 Palms



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