Review: The Rancher Takes A Bride by Sylvia McDaniels

nullRose “Desiree'” Severin is a con artist who holds seances, claiming to talk to the dead. When Eugenia Burnett asks Rose to contact her missing son Tanner, who she hasn’t heard from in 10 years, her oldest son Travis is furious. He threatens to close down Rose’s business and have her thrown in jail if she doesn’t stay away from his mother. Travis has no idea his mother has matchmaking in mind.

Eugenia wants her sons to settle down and give her grandchildren. When she sees Rose she knows she is the perfect woman to turn Travis’ life upside down. When the sparks fly between them it only confirms her suspicions and she’ll go to any lengths to get them together, even tell a little white lie.

Rose falls helplessly in love with Travis but can Travis see how wrong he was about Rose and come to realize how much Rose means to him?

This is book one in the Burnett Brides series and it can be read as a stand-alone book but, honestly, why would you want to? The story of Travis just wet my appetite for the other Burnett brothers. This was a fantastic, well written story. I definitely recommend it. Now I’m off to buy the other two books!

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My Rating: 5 out of 5 Palms



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