Review: Trouble In Store by Carol Cox

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null Book Info:

Date Published: July 1, 2013

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

Author: Carol Cox

Historical Suspense and Romance in the Wild West

Fired from her most recent governess position, Melanie Ross must embrace her last resort: the Arizona mercantile she inherited from her cousin. But Caleb Nelson is positive he inherited the mercantile, and he’s not about to let some obstinate woman with newfangled ideas mess up all he’s worked for. He’s determined to get Melanie married off as soon as possible, and luckily there are plenty of single men in town quite interested in taking her off his hands.

The problem is, Caleb soon realizes he doesn’t want her to marry up with any of them. He’s drawn to Melanie more every day, and he has to admit some of her ideas for the store unexpectedly offer positive results.

But someone doesn’t want the store to succeed, and what used to be just threatening words has escalated into deliberate destruction and lurkers in the night. When a body shows up on the mercantile steps–and the man obviously didn’t die from natural causes–things really get dangerous. Can Melanie and Caleb’s business–and romance–survive the trouble that’s about to come their way?

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Meet The Author:

Native Arizonan Carol Cox has an abiding love for history, mystery, and romance. The author of more than 25 books, she believes in the power of story to convey spiritual truths. A pastor’s wife and homeschooling mom, she makes her home with her husband and daughter in a remote spot in northern Arizona, where the deer and the antelope really do play–within view of the family’s front porch.

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My Favorite Scene:

  “Caleb raised his hand, cutting her off. “Let’s not spoil the evening.” He turned his head slightly and gave her a wry grin, adding “We can always get back to arguing tomorrow. For now, let’s relax and— Wait a minute. I know just the thing.”

  He rose and went over to one of the shelves and returned with the music box in his hands. After moving their bowls aside to clear a space in the middle of the table, he wound the key and set the box down with care. Then he lifted the lid and slid the lever inside to the right. The mechanism whirred, then the cylinder began to rotate and a tinkling melody filled the air.

  Melanie’s heart quickened when she recognized the tune. “‘Liebestraum.’ That was one of my grandmother’s favorite pieces. She used to play it on her piano when I was a little girl.” She leaned her head against the back of the chair and let the music sweep her away, back to a time when she felt safe… protected… loved.

  Closing her eyes, she could envision the way she used to bob and pirouette to the music while her grandmother’s fingers moved nimbly across the ivory keys. When she opened her eyes again, she saw a glimmer of amusement in Caleb’s eyes and realized she had been swaying in her chair, as though dancing again in her grandmother’s parlor.

  Her cheeks flamed when she thought how foolish she must have appeared. But Caleb didn’t seem put off in the least. Instead, he stretched out his hand and bowed. “Would you care to dance?”

  “Here? Now?” She studied his face, Was he making fun of her? his smile was still in place, but it was a kind, inviting smile, not a mocking one. Wordlessly, she let him help her to her feet and placed her left hand on his shoulder.

  His steps were light and sure as he waltzed her around the small open area od their “dining room.” The touch of his fingers on hers and the warmth of his hand at her waist sent a tingle from her neck to her toes. She stared into his eyes, wondering if he felt it, as well.

  Their feet glided across the floor in unison with the music, slowing as the mechanism wound down and coming to rest as the last notes faded away. She could feel Caleb’s pulse under her fingertips, matching the beat of her own heart. They stood together in the silence— not moving, not speaking, just staring into each other’s eyes.

  Caleb licked his lips and tilted his head down. “Melanie?” His voice sounded husky in the stillness.


  He caught his breath and she heard him swallow.

  “I think it’s time for Levi and me to go home.””

Meet The Characters:

Melanie Ross: A former Governess, Melanie has a way with children that comes natural. She is a faith-filled woman that is very loyal to those she cares for. Her character comes across as being a little weak in the beginning but she finds her strength a hundred fold by the end. She is strong, kind, gentle and protective.

Caleb Nelson: A strong man of faith, Caleb is the father of Levi, a rambunctious but loving little boy. Caleb is outspoken and fights for what he believes in. A gentle and kind man that knows what he wants.

Mrs. Fetterman: I couldn’t leave out Mrs. Fetterman. She was one of the highlights of the book. She was very comical and had me laughing more than once. I was almost sorry when she got her new glasses.

My Thoughts:

Melanie Ross was a Governess until unforseen circumstances found her unemployed. She was alone in the world, so she headed west to Arizona hoping to secure employment with her late uncle’s best friend. But it wasn’t Alvin she found when she got there. It was Alvin’s nephew Caleb. From the very beginning they clashed. Melanie was determined to be a part of her late uncle George’s mercantile. It was her only means of supporting herself and she wasn’t about to give up easily. Caleb was just as determined to keep her out. His uncle Alvin’s mercantile was how he provided for his son, Levi, and he wasn’t about to let some know-it-all woman get involved. The battle of wills between the two eventually turned into feelings neither expected. Add to that a murder or two and you have a well-rounded story that keeps you guessing until the end.

This was a great story. Very well written as the story flows smoothly from beginning to end with a few surprises along the way. Full of romance, faith and even a little suspense. An Historical Who-dun-it. This was my first book by Carol Cox but she is now a new favorite to add to my list. I look forward to her next book and hope to share my thoughts with you. If you haven’t read it, I suggest you check it out.

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**A copy of this book was provided by NetGalley for my honest review**


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