Review: The Jewel Trilogy Bundle 1 by Hallee Bridgeman

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null Book Info:

Date Published: March 29, 2013

Publisher: Olivia Kimbrell Press

Author: Hallee Bridgeman

This is the complete story of Robin Bartlett, the eldest of the three half-sisters readers around the world have come to know and love and Antonio “Tony” Viscolli, the man she is destined to marry.

Sapphire Ice is a story of redemption and transformation that ultimately leads to a love that will span all eternity. Robin’s heart is as ice cold as her sapphire blue eyes. After a terrifying childhood, she trusts neither God nor men. With kindness and faith, Tony Viscolli prays for the opportunity to shatter the wall of ice around her heart.

What is a good wife worth? In Greater Than Rubies, Robin plans a dream-come-true wedding. Anxiety arises when she starts to realize the magnitude of change marriage will involve. Forgotten nightmares resurface reminding Robin of the horrors of her past. She gives in to her insecurities and cancels Boston’s “Royal Wedding.” With God’s guidance, will her bridegroom convince her of her true worth?

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Meet The Author:

Hallee Bridgeman lives with her husband and their three children in small town Kentucky. When she’s not writing Christian romance novels (, she blogs about all things cooking and homemaking at Hallee the Homemaker (

Hallee started writing when her oldest child and only daughter was a baby, but a busy professional career and being the wife of a deployed soldier had her shelve her books for another time. Two more children, a cross country move, and God’s perfect timing brought the books off of the shelf to be dusted off and presented to you now.
Hallee loves coffee, campy action movies, and regular date nights with her husband. Above all else, she loves God with all of her heart, soul, mind, and strength; has been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ; and relies on the presence of the Holy Spirit. She prays her books are a blessing to you and would love to hear back from you. You can reach Hallee by using the contact information on her websites.

You can find Hallee Here:
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My Favorite Scene:

  How to approach him, though? She thought about it while she transfered clothes from the washers to the dryers. A direct approach would be best. He wasn’t the type to play games, obviously. It had to be soo, too. She had his attention now. Who knew what tomorrow would bring.

  Tonight. She would catch him before he left. Leaving everything where it was, she burst out of the laundry room and took the first flight of stairs two at a time. She hit the first landing and rounded the corner, only to slam right into the chest of the man she was in such a hurry to see.

  “Whoa, slow down,” he said, gripping her arms to keep her from falling backwards down the stairs, “Are you okay?”

  “Yeah.” She pulled away out of habit and cringed inwardly at the brief slash of resignation in his eyes. “You’re leaving?”

  The corner of his lip tilted up in a mocking smile. “Yes. Please, though. There’s no need to beg me to stay. I can’t bewayed.”

  Oh, no. The sarcasm was so obvious. Maybe it was too late.”Um, listen, could I talk to you for a minute?”

  Tony’s eyebrows rose a fraction on an inch. “Of course.” He turned his body slightly, as if to go back upstairs, but stopped when she put a hesitant hand on his arm.

  “No, not up there. I knid of wanted to discuss something, uh, private.” She turned, started walking down. “We can just talk in the laundry room, if you don’t mind. My clothes are almost dry, and if I leave them there, I risk someone throwing them on the floor.”

  Tony couldn’t help but feel intrigued. Without a second thought he followed her until they reached a little room on the rfirst floor crammed cwith machines that had to be as old as he was. Something on nthe chipped tile floor stuck to the bottom of his shoes, but it was so dingy gray that he could not identify the scource. Two of the three fluorescent lights were burnt out, and a bulletin board was layered with advertisements.

  Robin turned to face him as soon as they entered the room and stood there with her hands shoved into the pockets of her jeans while she rocked back and forth on the soles of her feet. “I guess I didn’t really plan how I wanted to say this,” she said. He thought that maybe her face reddened, but with the low light it was hard to tell.

  “Saying something outright usually works,” he said. She’d been civil to him for about fifty-seven seconds. He wondered if he should begin to worry.

  She huffed out a breath and looked over his shoulder. “I want to sleep with you.”

Meet The Characters:

Robin Bartlett: Strong, stubborn, pig-headed. Do you get the idea? LOL Robin was self-sufficient, never needing anyone’s help. She did things by herself, on her own. She was loyal to those she loved and fiercely protective. She was driven to fulfill her goals and go it alone.

Antonio “Tony” Viscolli: Tony is a former street rat-turned-billionaire. He started with nothing, living on the streets, then he found God and everything changed. Tony is Loyal and generous to a fault. He is determined, ambitious and just an all-around sweet and loving guy.

Maxine Bartlett: Maxine is Robin’s step-sister. She is an advertising exec and one of Robin’s biggest fans. She is vivacious, spunky and funny. She is an artist and uses her painting as an outlet for the bad memories she has of her childhood.

Sarah Thomas: Sarah is Robin’s youngest step-sister. Sarah is so much different than Maxine. Sarah is a tiny thing, very quiet, a little shy. She is very faithful to God and has often tried to draw Robin to Him as well.

Barry Anderson: Tony’s attorney and best friend. Barry is usually the one that tries to make Tony see things from a different angle. He is very trustworthy and dependable and devoted to God.

Craig Bartlett: Robin’s long-lost Dad. Carig goes from being a murdering drug addict to a loving dad that has come home to God, the prodigal son.

Derrick DeNunzio: A street rat, Derrick fights to survive on a daily basis until, one day, Tony hands him a business card that changes his life.

My Thoughts:

Sapphire Ice

Robin Bartlett knows what living a hard life is like. She and her two step-sisters grew up living in a drug and alcohol infested apartment with their mom and a constant rotation of boyfriends. Robin had to keep her sisters safe and fight to survive. When her mom was murdered, Robin and her sister Maxine went into the system while her youngest sister Sarah was adopted by a Christian family. She made a vow to gain custody of her sisters and support them and put them through college with no help from anyone. Eleven years later Robin is tired and over worked but she is accomplishing her goals. She lives in an apartment with her two sisters. Maxine has graduated from college and Sarah has two more years to go and Robin did it all on her own. the last thing she needs is Antonio “Tony” Viscolli interrupting her life.

Tony Viscolli grew up roaming the streets and fighting to survive after his mom died. Then one day he walked into chruch and his whole life changed. Peter and Caroline O’Farrell took him in and taught him all about the God who loved him. Tony got a job and saved every penny. He took the money he saved and eventually amassed a fortune. Tony had become one of the richest men in the country by buying businesses and turning huge profits but the day he decided to buy Hank’s Place was the day he met Robin and set his life on a course he would never regret.

Sapphire Ice was a very good book. The way Robin fought for those she loved showed a strong family bond that you would expect given their childhood together. She worked tirelessly and sacrificed so her sisters could have the things they needed. Robin and Tony had similar childhoods and, because of that and their love of God, formed an unbreakable bond of love and mutual respect. Robin was a little rough around the edges at first, afraid to be in a relationship, but she soon warmed to Tony’s tender words and loving spirit. There were some twists and turns that kept you guessing and I loved the way they always sought God’s council in important matters.

Greater Than Rubies

After accepting Tony’s proposal, Robin finds that she is overwhelmed. Tony is one of the richest men in the world and the fact that he is always in the spotlight is something Robin’s not sure she can handle. She begins to have second thoughts about whether she can live up to the expectations she feels will be imposed upon her. She also fears their wedding night and their first night spent together. Memories from the past are haunting her. Memories of being molested by her mom’s boyfriends. Can she go through that again even with someone she loves as much as Tony?

Tony knows something is wrong. He knows Robin is holding back but he’s not sure why. When she tells him she can’t marry him he is devastated. When Tony regains his composure and his senses, he realizes everything he has means nothing without Robin in his life. Tony knows what he must do to win her back. Would you give up everything for the woman you love?

I’m glad Hallee Bridgeman continued the story of Robin and Tony in Greater Than Rubies. I like it when things are sewed up all nice in a neat little package. I’m not one for loose ends so I was glad to see the happy couple get married. This book also re-introduced a character from book one named Derrick DeNunzio. A street kid with a hard life, Derrick personified a young Tony. Tony took him in and helped him straighten his life out. Do I smell another romance coming up with Derrick? Yes, I certainly do! I really enjoyed this book and I look forward to books three and four.

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