Review: Fed Up with Flat Faith by Kathy Howard

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Date Published: February 5, 2013

Publisher: New Hope Publishers

Author: Kathy Howard

Desperate. Tired. Flat. Dry. Do those words ring any bells? Do those words describe your faith when what you really want is a fiery, passionate, connected faith? You’re not alone in your struggle with flat faith. What you need is to pump up your faith and let God create the roaring blaze you so desperately long for in your daily walk.

Fed Up with Flat Faith will equip you with five attitudes and five behaviors that prepare your heart and life for God’s work. Author and teacher Kathy Howard shares practical and foundational spiritual truths and faith principles that will help shift your attitude and behavior so you are positioned for God’s activity in your life, ready to receive what He has for you—a fiery faith. With personal reflection questions, biblical truths, and the power of the Holy Spirit, your faith will become dynamic and you’ll no longer have to live fed up with flat faith.

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Meet The Author:

Kathy, a minister of adult education at a church in west Texas, has been teaching the Bible to adults for more than 20 years. In addition to discipling Christians, she also has an exciting teaching ministry for spiritual seekers and new believers. Actively involved in women’s ministry, Kathy is often invited to speak at women’s events and conferences. She holds a master’s degree in religious education and a certificate in women’s ministry from the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary. Married for 25 years, she and her husband, Wayne, have three children and currently reside in Houston, Texas.

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“Do you long for more in your relationship with Christ? Do you crave the abundant life He promised? Fiery faith is not only possible, God wants it to be yours.”
Kathy shares insight on how to bring your faith from flat and boring to a fiery passion. I know my faith has felt flat for awhile now and this insight helped me to realize the fact that I need help in some areas.
“The more we partake or experience God, the more we will desire Him. We won’t be able to get enough of Him. Experience with Him fuels our passion. Someone with a fiery passion for God will be satisfied in Him yet always seeking more of Him.”
Very good point. I have noticed in my own personal relatioship with God that when I “get slack” in my relatioship with Him, things seem to fall apart more readily. I seem to fall apart more readily! This quote really jumped out at me and made me realize I need to spend more time with Him. He is always there, it’s me that pulls away.
“Don’t let a lifetime of religion hinder a true,saving relationship with Jesus.”
I know in my journey with God I have been guilty of letting “Religion” get in the way. This one quote made me realize that it’s all about Who we know and NOT what we do! Jesus wants us to KNOW HIM through a constant relationship and not let the doing get in the way of the being.
“As I approached the Bible with this new desperation, the spirit of God illuminated truths I had read before, yet had never internalized. As I continued to study, excitment over what God was teaching me blossomed into passion for His word. This passion kept driving me back to the Bible. Now, almost three decades later, my love affair with the Bible is still going strong.”
Another great point and one I have experienced personally. When I make time every day to dive into my Bible I come to look forward to it. But, on those occasions when I get a little slack, I notice my passion dims. This is a personal reflection point for me and something I hadn’t really realized until I read Kathy’s book.

My Thoughts:

Fed Up With Flat Faith is a step-by-step guide of sorts to help you develope a better relationship with God. If your relationship seems stale, this book can point you to areas you might need to work on. Kathy Howard uses scriptural references to “back up” the information she provies as a basis for stregthening your faith. She uses Bible characters as examples and quotes from several pieces of literature she has read over the years. The thing that opened my eyes the most, I think, were the real-life stories of people that have been on similay journeys and those that are an example for all of us. All-in all, it comes together to be a very influentual guide that will help you in your areas of need if you will approach it with an open mind.

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**A copy of this book was provided by New Hope Digital through for my honest review**


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