Feature and Follow #7

nullFeature and Follow!

This event is hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read and if you would like to join in this Blog Hop just visit one of their blogs for some great fun and new followers! The purpose of this Blog Hop is to gain new followers are more traffic to your blog. How does it work? Easy Peasy! just add your blog to the Linky list and copy and paste the code into a new blog post telling about Feature and Follow and this week’s activity.

The only requirements are that you follow BOTH host’s blog AND the two blogs featured, You complete this week’s activity and if someone follow’s you make sure you follow them back. It’s a win, win!

This week’s Featured Blogs are: Fantasy is More Fun and Simply Sensational Book Fanatics.

This week’s question is:

What were some of your favorite picture books as a kid? If you have kids, what are your favorites to read to them?

Ever since I was a kid I have loved one author’s books the most. It doesn’t matter what book, any of them are favorites but I do love one above the rest. My favorite author was:

My favorite book was:

How can you not love his book? I mean, come on, everything rhymed, the illustrations. Love it! Now what were your favorite picture books when you were a kid?

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll follow my blog. I’m not too choosey. Any way you decide to follow will be fine by me. Email, GCF, RSS, G+, Bloglovin’, Facebook Fan Page or Networked Blog… or ALL! LOL 🙂 Thanks!


10 thoughts on “Feature and Follow #7

  1. Glad to see you back in that case, Guinevere! Love your name too. Sounds like something from an historical novel. Thank you for stopping by and all the follows. 🙂


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