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My Review:

Bree and Kade Matthews wanted children but after her miscarriage she hadn’t been able to get pregnant and it was weighing heavily on both their hearts. Although they had Davey, Bree’s son from a previous marriage, they wanted one together. When Kade mentions adoption Bree agrees to consider it but deep down she knows it won’t be the same. Being a search and rescue worker helps to keep her mind off of her troubles but she never gives up hope of having her own child.

Kade’s sister has been a handful since their parents died and, at twenty one, he feels it’s time for her to grow up and act responsibly. When a parachuter goes down in the woods near Big Piney River, Bree joins in the search. But what appears to be a simple accident turns out to be connected to a missing persons case. Kade is surprised to find out his “irresponsible” sister has been doing her own investigating on the case. Will they solve the case in time? And will Bree and Kade get the baby they have been praying for?
I must say I have fallen In love with the characters of Rock Harbor. Silent Night has a great storyline with depth and just enough suspense to keep you turning the pages at a rapid pace. It’s a short read being a novella but it leaves you wanting more time with the characters of Rock Harbor. And it has not one, but THREE, animals which always enhances the story for me. I loved Bree’s German shepherd / chow mix named Samson who went on search and rescue missions with her. Overall I was very pleased with this Rock Harbor novella and if you like short stories with suspense you will too. It can be read as a stand alone but I think after reading it you will want to delve deeper into the series. Colleen Coble is an author of no disappointments.
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My Review:

Leia’s Kahale was so excited that her wedding was only a week away. Preparations were under way and everything was going smoothly–until her sister, Eva, was kidnapped. When the kidnapper threatened to kill Eva if she told anyone, Leia was afraid to even tell Bane, the man she loved.

Bane loved Leia with all of his heart. When he found out Eva had been kidnapped he knew he would do everything in his power to save her. But the fact that Leia didn’t confide in him brought his old feelings of abandonment to the surface. His mother had abandoned him when he was young and he was afraid Leia would leave him too. He knew what he had to do–find Eva and distance himself from Leia. Would this be then end of their life together? Would they find Eva in time? Could Bane get past the felling that Leia had betrayed him?

Holy Night is a short story, or novella, and while I don’t read novellas very often simply because of the length of the book, I found myself completely engrossed in the story. I’m not exactly sure why but I found myself totaling falling I love with Bane’s character and Eva (she has Down syndrome) was absolutely adorable. It was fast paced book and a page turner. Although I was finished with it very quickly I had a feeling of satisfaction when it was over. I loved the fact that Miss Coble dealt with the subject of Down syndrome, too. There is also a short excerpt from the next book in the Aloha Reef series, Distant Shores, in the back. Although I had no problem reading this as a stand alone I am looking forward to the other books in the series. If you love novellas full of suspense and romance you will love Holy Night.

My Rating:

About Colleen:

Best-selling author Colleen Coble’s novels have won or finaled in awards ranging from the Best Books of Indiana, the ACFW Carol Award, the Romance Writers of America RITA, the Holt Medallion, the Daphne du Maurier, National Readers’ Choice, and the Booksellers Best. She has over 2 million books in print and writes romantic mysteries because she loves to see justice prevail. Colleen is CEO of American Christian Fiction Writers. She lives with her husband Dave in Indiana. Visit her website at her Website .


My Review:

Rose Yoder is as Amish as anyone could ever be and she dreamed of an Amish wedding to Jonathan Fisher. That is until Jonathan decided to join the ranks of World War II. All Rose can see is that Jonathan had turned his back on her and everything they stand for. The Amish are not fighters and she feels Jonathan was wrong in his decision. Rose’s world is thrown off balance by what she sees as Jonathan’s betrayal and, on top of a broken heart, she finds out her life isn’t quite what it seems. Rose finally finds out the reason for her constant nightmares… She was adopted by the Yoders but, worse yet, she’s not Amish. Can Jonathan and her family make her see that no matter who her parents were she is as much a part of the Yoder family as if she had been born into it?

Jonathan Fisher has loved Rose for years but he feels he can be more help on the battlefield administering medical aid to the soldiers than sitting in prison for his refusal to join. The one person that he hoped would understand has turned her back on him, he is on the verge of being ostracized by his community and is beginning to think he would be better off in the Englisch world. His love for Rose is what keeps him rooted in their community but Rose is pushing Jonathan away and it has nothing to do with him leaving and everything to do with the secret of her past. Can Jonathan help Rose forget the past and move into the future at his side? Will his Christmas gift help her to come to terms with past?

I have to say I truly adore Amish fiction and a Christmas Gift for Rose did not disappoint me. I could plainly feel the war going on in Rose’s heart and mind. She was Amish but, yet, she wasn’t. It was an emotional tug of war but I loved the fact that she didn’t have to face it alone. Her entire family stood by her and Jonathan’s support was heartwarming. Even though Jonathan was dealing with his own deamons he fought for Rose and gave her the greatest gift she could have ever hoped for. The characters were absolutely loveable and the storyline was definitely different than any I have read before. I thoroughly enjoyed delving into their lives, sharing the hurt and the happiness. Tricia Goyer is a new author to me and one I will be adding to my “Favorite’s” list.

My Rating:


About Tricia:

Tricia Goyer is the author of 35 books, including the Big Sky and Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors Amish series. She has won ACFW’s Carol Award twice, and is a Christy Award and Gold Medallion award finalist. Tricia and her husband, John, live in Little Rock, Arkansas. They have four children. You can find out more about Tricia at her Website .



My Review:

Anna Byler had never dated. For some reason none of the young Amish boys had never approached her and she felt inadequate. Jacob Hostetler was new in the community and Anna found herself drawn to him. When she overheard a few of the young men talking about her being unapproachable because of her strict grandfather, Bishop Byler, she was devastated. Was her grandfather really that strict? Hadn’t he always had the best interests of the people in mind? Anna knew she had to do something to prove she was dateable so she asked Jacob out on a date and Anna was ecstatic when he agreed. But Anna hoped it would turn into more. She soon began to realize what others were saying. Her grandfather was all about strict rules and when she found out the magnitude of the secrets her grandmother was keeping from her grandfather she knew a change was needed. But what would it take for him to come to his senses? And would he ever agree to her seeing Jacob?

Jacob Hostetler was new to the community. His family left their old home to get a fresh start after the death of his sister, Leah. His father had withdrawn from his role of taking care of the family and kept to himself because he felt responsible and Jacob prayed this move would heal the wounds of his family and give them a new life as a family. Meeting Anna Byler was the beginning of Jacob’s healing. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and he could share his worries, hopes and dreams with her. He knew he wanted a life with Anna but with Bishop Byler forbidding him to see her he wasn’t sure if they could ever be together. Can they change her grandfather’s mind? And will his family ever be what they once were?

Plain Peace in the sixth book in the Daughters of the Promise series. While I haven’t read all of the books in this series, I have read Plain Proposal and I can say, from my experience, the books only get better and better. The storyline was just great and covered a broad range of issues such as, the death of a child, diabetes and adultery. The plot was fully developed and came to a beautiful, complete ending. I felt satisfied after I finished. There were no loose ends leaving me feeling as if the story wasn’t finished and I love that. I fell in love with the characters and I guarantee you will as well. This book can be read in order as a series but it can also be read as a stand alone novel. But, from what I have read so far, you will surely want to read the others and you “to be read” list will soon be growing. If you like Amish fiction with depth and a storyline that covers powerful issues you’ll love this book.

My Rating:


About Beth:

Beth Wiseman is the best-selling author of the Daughters of the Promise series and the Land of Canaan series. Her books have held spots on the ECPA (Evangelical Christian Publishers Association) Bestseller List and the CBA (Christian Book Association) Bestseller List. She was a recipient of the prestigious Carol Award in 2011 and 2013, three-time winner of the Inspirational Readers Choice Award, INSPY Award winner, and recipient of the coveted HOLT Medallion. Her first book in the Land of Canaan series–Seek Me With All Your Heart–was selected as the 2011 Women of Faith Book of the Year. Beth is contracted with HarperCollins Christian Publishing into the year 2015, and she has completed twelve novels and seven novellas to date. You can visit her at her Website .

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