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My Review:

Rose Yoder is as Amish as anyone could ever be and she dreamed of an Amish wedding to Jonathan Fisher. That is until Jonathan decided to join the ranks of World War II. All Rose can see is that Jonathan had turned his back on her and everything they stand for. The Amish are not fighters and she feels Jonathan was wrong in his decision. Rose’s world is thrown off balance by what she sees as Jonathan’s betrayal and, on top of a broken heart, she finds out her life isn’t quite what it seems. Rose finally finds out the reason for her constant nightmares… She was adopted by the Yoders but, worse yet, she’s not Amish. Can Jonathan and her family make her see that no matter who her parents were she is as much a part of the Yoder family as if she had been born into it?

Jonathan Fisher has loved Rose for years but he feels he can be more help on the battlefield administering medical aid to the soldiers than sitting in prison for his refusal to join. The one person that he hoped would understand has turned her back on him, he is on the verge of being ostracized by his community and is beginning to think he would be better off in the Englisch world. His love for Rose is what keeps him rooted in their community but Rose is pushing Jonathan away and it has nothing to do with him leaving and everything to do with the secret of her past. Can Jonathan help Rose forget the past and move into the future at his side? Will his Christmas gift help her to come to terms with past?

I have to say I truly adore Amish fiction and a Christmas Gift for Rose did not disappoint me. I could plainly feel the war going on in Rose’s heart and mind. She was Amish but, yet, she wasn’t. It was an emotional tug of war but I loved the fact that she didn’t have to face it alone. Her entire family stood by her and Jonathan’s support was heartwarming. Even though Jonathan was dealing with his own deamons he fought for Rose and gave her the greatest gift she could have ever hoped for. The characters were absolutely loveable and the storyline was definitely different than any I have read before. I thoroughly enjoyed delving into their lives, sharing the hurt and the happiness. Tricia Goyer is a new author to me and one I will be adding to my “Favorite’s” list.

Disclaimer: This opinion is mine and mine alone. I was in no way compensated for this review. Thank you Zondervan for a free copy of this book!

My Rating:

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Author Bio:

Kathleen Bauer is the pen name for a team of writers who have come together to create the Home to Heather Creek series.

Sweet September is written by Tricia Goyer. A best-selling author of thirty-three books as well as 500+ magazine articles, she is a two time Carol Award winner, and a Christy award and ECPA Award Finalist. Tricia is on the blogging team at and She is the founder of Hope Pregnancy Ministries in Northwestern Montana, and she currently heads up a Teen Mops Group in Little Rock, Arkansas. Tricia is the creator of and hosts a weekly radio podcast Living Inspired.

You can find Tricia Here:
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My Review:

Charlotte and Bob Stevenson are devestated when they find out that their daughter, Denise, is killed in a tragic automobile accident. The lives of Denise’s three children, Sam, Emily and Christopher, are thrown in turmoil. Not only must they cope with the death of the only parent in their lives but they must also leave their home and friends behind in California to move to Nebrasksa to live with their grandparents in their home on Heather Creek. Grandparents they barely know. When Denise was eighteen she ran away from home, never to return. Now Charlotte must face the task of raising three kids as well as come to terms with the fact that she never truly reconciled with her daughter. When rumors about Denise begin to circle around town, the newfound hope that is taking root in the children’s hearts is threatened. But amid the trials a tribulations that come their way, God reveals a hope, love and an awakening to the close knit Family they can be. God proves that it is always darkest Before the Dawn of a new morning.

While Before the Dawn is a heart warming story of hope, love and Faith, it’s also a story of tragedy, despair and devestation. Even though this story is fictional it deals with real-life events that happen every day in families throughout the world. The loss of a child or a parent with young children can be heart wrenching and leave devestation in it’s wake. Before the Dawn deals with these events in a most touching way and really opened my eyes to what children go through with the loss of a parent. Charlotte and Bob try to ease the children’s pain and help them settle into their new lives and I love that they worked so hard to instill Faith in God in them as well. I am partial to fictional romance books but, I can honestly say, I didn’t miss the lack of romance in this story. I certainly recommend this book to anyone who loves a story of hope and faith amid trials and tribulation.

Disclaimer: This opinion is mine and mine alone. I was in no way compensated for this review. Thank you Guideposts Books for a free copy of this book!

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My Rating:

nullMy Review:

It’s finally harvest time on the farm. A time for hard work to reap the benefits of this year’s planting. Harvest time at Heather Creek Farm this year has it’s obstacles. Worn equipment and the challenges the children are facing after their mother’s death make things more difficult. Emily finds living on the farm a challenge. She misses her friends and wants to go back to California, Sam is failing in school and doesn’t seem to care, and Christopher is always keeping to himself. It seems the barn cats are his best friends. Charlotte isn’t sure how to get through to the three of them and feels her stress mounting daily. Add to that the fact that someone is stealing food from her garden and that means less food for the table. But God uses a total stranger to open their eyes and make them realize they are truly blessed.

I fall in love with this family a little more with each book. Their continuing story draws me in and I just want to keep reading. Charlotte is at her wits end and her stress level is high. She doesn’t want to make the same mistakes with her grandkids as she did with her own kids so she is always second guessing herself with each decision. But I loved the way God helped her release her stress by allowing her to help someone in dire need. One man changed the entire family’s outlook on their own lives and that in itself is a true miracle. Grace flowing like a river. Sam, Emily and Christopher, with God’s help, pick themselves up and begin their lives anew. You will adore the Stevenson family and want to read more. Their family is a family of strong faith and Charlotte and Bob are doing their best to pass this faith on to their grandkids. And, since I am a romance junkie, I am excited to say that I sense a little spark of romance in future books. If you love sweet, wholesome stories you’ll enjoy Sweet September.

Disclaimer: This opinion is mine and mine alone. I was in no way compensated for this review. Thank you Guideposts Books for a free copy of this book!

My Rating:

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Author Bio:

Kathleen Bauer is the pen name for a team of writers who have come together to create the Home to Heather Creek series.

Before the Dawn is written by Carolyne Aarsen. Originally a city girl, Carolyne moved to the countryside near Neerlandia, Alberta when she married her husband Richard. While raising four children, foster children, and various animals, Carolyne learned how to drive tractors, front end loaders, and ATVs. She grew a garden and learned to can and preserve its produce. Somewhere in all this she learned to write. Since 1997 she has sold over 40 books.

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Author Bio:

Kathleen Bauer is the pen name for a team of writers who have come together to create the Home to Heather Creek series.

Sweet September is written by Tricia Goyer. A best-selling author of thirty-three books as well as 500+ magazine articles, she is a two time Carol Award winner, and a Christy award and ECPA Award Finalist. Tricia is on the blogging team at and She is the founder of Hope Pregnancy Ministries in Northwestern Montana, and she currently heads up a Teen Mops Group in Little Rock, Arkansas. Tricia is the creator of and hosts a weekly radio podcast Living Inspired.

You can find Tricia Here:
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Book Promo – The One Year® Book of Amish Peace

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The One Year® Book of Amish Peace


Date Published: September 20, 2013
Pages: 400
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
Author: Tricia Goyer
Genre: Christian Fiction, Inspirational

Let the simplicity of the Amish draw you closer to God.

In this instantly connected world, it’s surprisingly easy to lose our connection to God.

What’s admirable about the Amish lifestyle is that it intentionally slows the pace of life so there’s an opportunity to see the everyday grandeur of our great God.

Not everyone can—or should—adopt an Amish lifestyle. But the Amish can inspire all of us to slow down and simplify our lives. We need to learn to let go of our glittering gadgets in order to grab hold of something of infinitely greater value—the Divine.

The One Year Book of Amish Peace will inspire you to set a sustainable pace of life so that you, too, can take the time to enjoy God’s gifts each and every day.

You can purchase it Here:
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Tricia Goyer has written more than thirty-five books, including both novels that delight and entertain readers and non- fiction titles that offer encouragement and hope. She has also published more than 500 articles in national publications such as Guideposts,Thriving Family, Proverbs 31, and HomeLife Magazine.

Goyer’s fiction and non-fiction books have won awards from the American Christian Fiction Writers and Mt. Hermon Writers’ Conference. She is also a two-time Carol Award winner, as well as a Christy and ECPA Award Nominee.

Tricia has authored several books on family and parenting, as well as co-written with Max Lucado and Robin Jones Gunn. She collaborated with Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges for Lead Your Family Like Jesus, published by Focus on the Family/Tyndale.

You can find Tricia Here:
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The One Year® Book of Amish Peace (Sampler)

Review: The Courier of Caswell Hall by Melanie Dobson


Cover Rating:

Date Published: September 1, 2013
Pages: 336
Publisher: Summerside Press
Author: Melanie Dobson
Genre: Christian Fiction, Historical Romance
Book Source: I received this book for free from Summerside Press, a division of Guideposts for my honest review.


An unlikely spy discovers freedom and love in the midst of the American Revolution. As the British and Continental armies wage war in 1781, the daughter of a wealthy Virginia plantation owner feels conflict raging in her own heart. Lydia Caswell comes from a family of staunch Loyalists, but she cares only about peace. Her friend Sarah Hammond, however, longs to join the fight. Both women’s families have already been divided by a costly war that sets father against son and neighbor against neighbor; a war that makes it impossible to guess who can be trusted. One snowy night Lydia discovers a wounded man on the riverbank near Caswell Hall, and her decision to save him will change her life. Nathan introduces her to a secret network of spies, couriers, disguises, and coded messages—a network that may be the Patriots’ only hope for winning the war. When British officers take over Caswell Hall and wreak havoc on neighboring plantations, Lydia will have to choose between loyalty and freedom; between her family’s protection and her own heart’s desires. As both armies gather near Williamsburg for a pivotal battle, both Lydia and Sarah must decide how high a price they are willing to pay to help the men they love.

You can purchase it Here:
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Author Bio:

Melanie Dobson is the author of twelve novels; her writing has received numerous accolades including two Carol Awards. Melanie worked in public relations for fifteen years before she began writing fiction full-time. Born and raised in the Midwest, she now resides with her husband and two daughters in Oregon.

You can find Melanie Here:
Website  *  Blog  *  Facebook  *  
Goodreads  *  Pinterest


A memory returned to her—Sarah had asked her to deliver a letter to Mrs. Pendell, and Mrs. Pendell sent one in return. Had her friend been supporting the Patriot cause as a courier as well, before her home was destroyed?

Was no one who they seemed to be?

Lydia tapped her shoes on the floor of the gazebo. “Is my friend safe?”

He paused. “Which friend?”

“I do not believe you want me to say her name.”

“Yes, she is safe in Philadelphia.”

She sighed with relief. At least Sarah was with her aunt now. “Before she left, she had a letter from…from the woman you just named.”

“She delivered it to me.”

“I am glad of it.” Lydia tapped her toes again. “Has my friend found her Negroes?”

“There is no word.”

Her gaze roamed over to the pink blossoms that bubbled atop the cherry trees. Could Elisha have found Morah and his son by now? She prayed so. No family, black or white, should be torn apart.

“How will I deliver the—”

He stopped her. “She exchanged the messages in books.”

Sarah had an entire library of books, but Lord Caswell’s library didn’t contain nearly as many, and he would miss any she borrowed. Perhaps she could think of another way to take them to Mrs. Pendell.

His voice grew serious. “You must be careful, Lydia. They may search your person.”

She thought of the British officers that had detained their coach in March. “I shall not let them—”

You may have no choice.”

She pressed her hands together. “Nathan?”


“Thank you for watching over my family.”

“Without you, Lydia, I would not be alive.”

“I am glad you survived.”

My Review:

It is the year 1781 and the Revolutionary War is ravaging the colonies. Williamsburg, Virginia is home to Lydia Caswell and, with the exception of her brother Grayson, her family remains loyal to the King. But when a mysterious man washes up on the river’s edge severely injured, Lydia knows that no matter what side he is on she must help him survive. Lydia soon begins to question in her heart whether they are on the right side of the war. Her betrothed, Seth Hammond, left to join the Patriots in their fighting and, unbeknownst to Lydia, Seth’s sister and Lydia’s best friend, Sarah, is a courier for the Patriots as well. When Lydia remains in constant contact with Nathan, the mysterious stranger from the river, she soon realizes that she no longer hopes to marry Seth but longs to be with Nathan, the man who has stolen her heart. Meanwhile, Sarah has loved Lydia’s brother Grayson since they were children. Grayson fled from his home four years earlier and became a privateer for the Patriots. Sarah yearns for Grayson to return so she can tell him how she feels but until he does she is determined to help the cause as much as she can. Being a courier is dangerous but Sarah is a brave woman that has the strength to fight for freedom. After the devestation at her plantation she is more determined than ever to help in any way she can to win the war. Can two women make a difference in such a destructive war? Just how far will they go for the men they love and for freedom?

When Nathan Lewis washed up on the river’s edge he knew his chances of survival were slim. He soon opened his eyes to find beautiful Lydia Caswell watching over him. Lydia helps nurse him back to health even though she knows he is helping the Patriots. Nathan vows to protect Lydia and her family while Lydia vows to help Nathan deliver the important messages needed to help win the war. It’s not long before Nathan falls in love with Lydia and longs to make her his own. But will her bethrothed stand in the way? Will they ever be able to be together?

Grayson Caswell fled from his home, family and the woman he loved. Grayson fell in love with Sarah Hammond when he was only 15 but had kept it a secret. Not a days goes by that he doesn’t regret not saying goodbye to Sarah and he hopes that some day he can forget the past and return to her. Grayson is a privateer for the Patriots and he knows in his heart they can never be together because Sarah is on the opposing side… or so he thought. Little did he know that Sarah has joined the cause for freedom. But when Grayson and his men are captured by the British, Sarah proves just how far she will go to save the man she loves.

I have to say that when I read the prologue it was so beautifully written (I read it with tears streaming down my face) that I just knew the rest of the book couldn’t measure up to the high standards I had already set. I was so very wrong and so thoroughly pleased. This was a beautiful story of love and loss, hope and strength, devestation and yet, beauty. I felt like I was IN the story fighting along side of Nathan, Seth and Grayson. Delivering messages with Lydia and Sarah. The Revolutionary War was brought to life within the pages of this book. When there was death I cried with those left behind. When there was even a small victory I rejoiced along with them. I don’t think I have ever read a story that has evoked such emotion in me. The Courier of Caswell Hall is a book that you will want to read again and again. It will take you on an emotional journey that you will never forget. I VERY highly recommend reading this book!


My Rating:

**While I was given a free copy of this book for my honest opinion, I was in no way compensated for this review**

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2013 Carol Awards Winners! (AFCW)

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It’s time to give a great, big shout out to the 2013 Carol Award Winners! Congratulations to all the winners of this prestigious award. The winner in each category is listed below. If you would like to purchase one of the award winning books simply click on the book cover to be taken to Amazon.

Category: Lost Legacy by Dana Mentink (Love Inspired)

Brooke Ramsey is running out of time. She needs to save her father’s reputation before she loses him to illness. That means finding the painting that went missing while in his care. Fast. Which is why she teams up with Victor Gage, owner of Treasure Seekers agency.

The charming private detective has more at stake than uncovering a lost masterpiece. He’s investigating his wife’s death, and the artwork holds the answer. As Victor and Brooke draw closer to each other, so does a murderer. Someone wants the past to remain buried and will kill again to keep it hidden.

Contemporary: Heart Echoes by Sally John (Tyndale House)

In the aftermath of a massive Los Angeles earthquake, the perfect existence Teal Morgan-Adams has built begins to crumble. Teal’s daughter, Maiya, is determined to learn the identity of her biological father, despite the loving devotion of her stepdad, River Adams. But that’s a secret Teal hoped would remain buried forever. She has never shared the truth with anyone . . . not her family, not River, not even Maiya’s father.

As Maiya’s rebellion escalates, Teal receives tragic news from her sister and decides to take Maiya home to Cedar Pointe, Oregon, a place she’s avoided most of her adult life. But will her already-strained marriage survive the distance and the secrets she’ll be forced to face there? And can Teal erase the lies that echo in her heart?

Debut Novel: Wildflowers from Winter by Katie Ganshert (Waterbrook/Multnomah)

A young architect at a prestigious Chicago firm, Bethany Quinn has built a life far removed from her trailer park teen years. Until an interruption from her estranged mother reveals that tragedy has struck in her hometown and a reluctant Bethany is called back to rural Iowa. Determined to pay her respects while avoiding any emotional entanglements, she vows not to stay long. But the unexpected inheritance of farmland and a startling turn of events in Chicago forces Bethany to come up with a new plan.

Handsome farmhand Evan Price has taken care of the Quinn farm for years. So when Bethany is left the land, he must fight her decisions to realize his dreams. But even as he disagrees with Bethany’s vision, Evan feels drawn to her and the pain she keeps so carefully locked away.

For Bethany, making peace with her past and the God of her childhood doesn’t seem like the path to freedom. Is letting go the only way to new life, love and a peace she’s not even sure exists?

Historical: Where Lilacs Still Bloom by Jane Kirkpatrick (Waterbrook/Multnomah)

German immigrant and farm wife Hulda Klager possesses only an eighth-grade education—and a burning desire to create something beautiful. What begins as a hobby to create an easy-peeling apple for her pies becomes Hulda’s driving purpose: a time-consuming interest in plant hybridization that puts her at odds with family and community, as she challenges the early twentieth-century expectations for a simple housewife.

Through the years, seasonal floods continually threaten to erase her Woodland, Washington garden and a series of family tragedies cause even Hulda to question her focus. In a time of practicality, can one person’s simple gifts of beauty make a difference?

Historical Romance: A Promise to Love by Serena B. Miller (Revell)

Ingrid Larsen, a young Swedish immigrant, arrives in Michigan in 1871 to search for her brother who has disappeared into the woods to work the dangerous lumber camps. Destitute and barely hanging on to hope, she encounters a newly-widowed farmer who is struggling to raise five children on his own. Marriage would solve both of their problems, and so Ingrid proposes to a man she barely knows. She will fight to protect her new family–but the hardest battle of all will be winning the heart of her new husband.

Mystery/Suspense/Thriller: The Soul Saver by Dineen Miller (Barbour Publishing)

Meet Lexie Baltimore, who is in the supernatural battle of her life. In obedience to God’s calling, Lexie uses her art and dreams to help others. But will she have enough courage to help herself when she becomes torn between her atheist husband and a godly man? A widower and a father, Pastor Nate Winslow is drowning in darkness. Will he resist his treacherous assignment to win Lexie’s heart or give in to the attraction between them? As events unfold, Lexie becomes entangled in a twisted plot. Will she overcome the evil assailing her or yield to the dark side?

Novella: A Recipe for Hope by Beth Wiseman (Thomas Nelson)

The Amish kitchen is the heart of the home – and the ideal setting for stories of love and hope.

When a storm blows a tree onto Eve Bender’s farmhouse, she has little choice but to temporarily move her family into her parents’ home. Outside of cooking together in the kitchen, Eve and her mother can’t agree on anything. But this may be just the recipe for hope in healing old wounds.

Romance: Saving Gideon by Amy Lillard (B&H Publishing)

Gideon Fisher wants one thing out of life — to be left alone. This is not the Amish way, but he’s devastated after the death of his wife and son to the point of losing his faith. He buys a farm on the outskirts of the district and pulls away from his community. But when a freak spring snowstorm brings a beautiful Englisher to his farm, what choice does Gideon have but to let her in?

Dallas socialite Avery Ann Hamilton is intrigued by the Amish farmer who pulls her out of the snow and into his austere lifestyle. Poor little rich girl, Avery has just gone through (yet another) bad breakup. Every man she meets only wants her for her father’s money. All she has ever wanted is to be loved for herself. Avery soon discovers the Oklahoma Amish country is the perfect place to hide out and heal her broken heart.

But she finds a peace in those back roads that she’s never felt before. Now her life has purpose and meaning as she connects with God and those around her. And there’s something more as she begins to care for this man who needs both love and forgiveness.

Gideon never wanted to live again much less fall in love, but Avery finds her way into his heart, showing him the beauty of life and God’s greatness. Yet as the feelings between Avery and Gideon grow, can they overcome their dissimilar lifestyles, or will their sheer differences pull them apart?

Romantic Suspense: When a Heart Stops by Lynette Eason (Revell)

Spunky and outgoing, nothing much bothers medical examiner Serena Hopkins–except for the thought of falling in love again. But when a serial killer is picking off her former classmates, Serena’s life becomes intertwined with her old high school crush, FBI agent Dominic Allen. Is the secret she’s keeping putting her next on the killer’s hit list? Can she trust Dominic with the truth before it’s too late?

Speculative: Daystar by Kathy Tyers (Marcher Lord Press)

Times have changed for the telepathic Sentinels in the realm of the Federate Whorl. Persecution sends these genetically altered people fleeing to their sanctuary world, but a shipboard disaster exposes High Commander Brennen Caldwell to fatal radiation. Medical student Meris Cariole ends up stranded, an unwelcome outsider, at a sanctuary she never meant to invade. On another world, wrongfully imprisoned Sentinel Jorah Caldwell receives a supernatural visitor. For generations, the Sentinel kindred has anticipated Boh-Dabar, the prophesied Word to Come. The visitor hails Jorah as Boh-Dabar. Can he believe the news? Meanwhile, a mysterious stranger arrives at the sanctuary world, also claiming to be Boh-Dabar. Brennen and Firebird Caldwell, Meris, and Jorah are caught in a tangle of interstellar incidents that threaten the Sentinel kindred’s very existence. And no one-anywhere-has anticipated the events that will shake the interstellar Federacy. In the “Firebird” alternate universe, humankind has gone to the stars. The messianic bloodline has been genetically altered, and instantaneous communication links the settled worlds. Still, God’s character has not changed, nor have his promises failed. Daystar brings the saga to a conclusion that rocks the galaxies.

Young Adult: Like Moonlight at Low Tide by Nicole Quigley (Zondervan)

When high school junior Melissa Keiser returns to her hometown of Anna Maria Island, Florida, she has one goal: hide from the bullies who had convinced her she was the ugliest girl in school. But when she is caught sneaking into a neighbor’s pool at night, everything changes. Something is different now that Melissa is sixteen, and the guys and popular girls who once made her life miserable have taken notice. When Melissa gets the chance to escape life in a house ruled by her mom’s latest boyfriend, she must choose where her loyalties lie between a long-time crush, a new friend, and her surfer brother who makes it impossible to forget her roots. Just as Melissa seems to achieve everything she ever wanted, she loses a loved one to suicide. Melissa must not only grieve for her loss, she must find the truth about the three boys who loved her and discover that joy sometimes comes from the most unexpected place of all.