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Worthy Publishing (August 27, 2013)
***Special thanks to Leeanna Case for sending me a review copy.***


Jerry B. Jenkins is a New York Times best-selling novelist (Left Behind Series) and biographer (Billy Graham, Hank Aaron, Walter Payton, Orel Hershiser, Nolan Ryan, Joe Gibbs and many more), with over 70 million books sold. His writing has appeared in Time, Reader’s Digest, Parade, Guideposts, and he has been featured on the cover of Newsweek.

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A MURDERER who would change the WORLD
From multi-million copy best-selling novelist Jerry Jenkins comes a compelling international thriller that conveys you from present-day Texas to a dank Roman dungeon in A.D. 67, then down the dusty roads of ancient Israel, Asia, and back to Rome.

A young seminary professor, Augustine Knox, is drawn into a deadly race to save priceless parchments from antiquities thieves and discovers a two- thousand-year old connection with another who faced death for the sake of the truth. I, Saul consists of two riveting adventures in one, transporting you between the stories of Augustine Knox and Saul of Tarsus.

Filled with political intrigue, romance, and rich historical detail, I, Saul is a thrilling tale of loyal friendships tested by life-or-death quests, set two millennia apart, told by a master storyteller.

Product Details:
List Price: $24.99
Hardcover: 400 pages
Publisher: Worthy Publishing (August 27, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1617950068
ISBN-13: 978-1617950063


Tor n

T E x AS


“call now. desper8.”
The text appeared on Dr. Augie Knox’s phone at 8:55 a.m., seconds before he was to turn it off—protocol for profs entering a classroom at Arlington Theological Seminary.
Augie could have fired off a “give me a minute,” but the message was not signed and the sending number matched nothing in his contacts. The prefix 011-39-06 meant Rome. He’d traveled extensively in his thirty-eight years and enjoyed many visits to the Eternal City, but such a text could easily portend one of those I’ve-been-mugged-and-need- money scams. Whatever this was could wait until he got the Systematic Theology final exam started and could step into the hall with his phone.
Augie had long been fascinated by his students’ nervous chatter before

final exams. One announced, “I looked you up in Who’s Who, Doc, and I
know your full name.”
“Congratulations for discovering something you could have found in your student handbook four years ago.”
“No! That just says Dr. Augustine A. Knox! I found out what the A
stands for.”
“Good for you. Now, a few instructions . . .”
“Aquinas! Augustine Aquinas Knox! Man, what other career choice did you have?”
“Thank you for revealing the thorn in my flesh. If you must know, that moniker was my father’s idea.” Augie mimicked his dad’s monotone basso. “‘Names are important.They can determine a life’s course.’”
Many students chuckled, having sat under the elder Dr. Knox before he fell ill the year before.
“It also says you were adopted. Sorry, but it’s published.” “No secret,” Augie said.
Another hand shot up.“Was that a hint about the exam? Will we be speculating on Paul’s thorn in the flesh?”
“He’s only mentioned that mystery every class,” another said.
Augie held up a hand. “I trust you’re all prepared for any eventual-

“So, what’s your dad’s name?”
“Ed!” someone called out. “Everybody knows that.” “Look it up,” Augie said. “You may find it revealing.”
With blue books distributed, Augie slipped out and turned on his
phone.The plea from Rome had already dropped to third on his message list. At the top was a voice mail from Dr. Moore, who had been filling in as acting department chair since Augie’s father had been hospitalized with a stroke.

Augie would have checked that one first, but next was a voice mail from Sofia Trikoupis, his heart. It was eight hours later in Athens, after five in the afternoon. “Call me at the end of your day,” her message said. “I’ll wait up.” It would be midnight her time by then, but she apparently needed his undivided attention. That would bug him all day. How he longed for them to be together.
His phone vibrated. Rome again. “urgent. call now, pls!” Augie pressed his lips together, thumbing in, “who’s this?” “trust me. begging.”
“not w/out knowing who u r.”
Augie waited more than a minute for a response, then snorted. As I
figured. But as he headed back into the classroom, his phone buzzed again. “zionist.”
Augie stopped, heat rising in his neck. He quickly tapped in, “90 minutes OK?”
“now! critical.”
Few people had been more important in Augie’s life than Roger Michaels, the diminutive fifty-year-old South African with a James Earl Jones voice and a gray beard that seemed to double the size of his pale, gnomish face. Augie would never lead a tour of an ancient city without Roger as the guide.
“2 mins,” Augie texted.
He rushed to his father’s old office, which still bore the senior Dr. Knox’s nameplate on the door. Augie knocked and pushed it open.“Les, I need a favor.”
Dr. Moore took his time looking up from his work. “Number one, Dr. Knox, I did not invite you in.”
“Sorry, but—”
“Number two, I have asked that you refer to me as Dr. Moore.”

“My bad again, but listen—”
“And number three,” the acting chair said, making a show of study- ing his watch, “we both know that at this very moment you are to be conducting—”
“Dr. Moore, I have an emergency call to make and I need you to stand in for me for a few minutes.”
Moore sighed and rose, reaching for his suit coat.“I know what that’s about.Take all the time you need.”
Augie followed him down the hall. “You do?” “You didn’t get my message?”
“Oh, no, sorry. I saw one was there, but I—”
“But you assumed other messages were more important. I said we needed to chat after your first exam.”
“Well, sure, I’ll be here.”
“Part of what we need to discuss is your father. Is that what your call is about?”
“What about my father?” “We’ll talk at ten.”
“But is he—”
“There have been developments, Dr. Knox. But he is still with us.” As Dr. Moore headed for the classroom, Augie ducked into a stair-
well, away from the windows and the relentless sun forecasters were saying would push the temperature at least twenty degrees above normal by 2:00 p.m., threatening the 107° record for the month.
Augie wasn’t getting enough signal strength to complete his call, so he hurried back out to the corridor. Cell coverage was still weak, so he stepped outside. It had to be near 90° already. Scalp burning, he listened as the number rang and rang.
Augie moved back inside for a minute, braced by the air condition-

ing, then ventured out to try again. He waited two minutes, tried once more, and felt he had to get back to class.
On a third attempt, as he neared the entrance, it was clear someone had picked up a receiver and hung up. Augie dialed twice more as he walked back to take over for Dr. Moore. Just before he reached the class- room, his phone came alive again with a text.
“sorry. later. trash ur phone. serious.”
Augie couldn’t make it compute. Had his phone been traced? Tapped? If he got a new one, how would Roger know how to reach him?
Dr. Moore stood just inside the classroom door and emerged imme- diately when he saw Augie. “Talk to your mother?” he said.
“No, should I?”
Moore sighed and opened his palms. “You interrupt my work and don’t check on your father?”
Augie reached for his cell again, but hesitated. If he used it, would he be exposing his mother’s phone too?
“Call her after we’ve talked, Dr. Knox. Now I really must get back to my own responsibilities.”
It was all Augie could do to sit still till the end of class. Before get- ting back to Dr. Moore, he dropped off the stack of blue books in his own office and used the landline to call his contact at Dallas Theolog- ical Seminary, just up the road. Arlington Sem sat equidistant between DTS to the east and the massive Southwestern Baptist Seminary to the west. Arlington was like the stepchild no one ever talked about, a single building for a couple of hundred students, struggling to stay alive in the shadows of those two renowned institutions.When Augie needed some- thing fast, he was more likely to get it from the competition. Such as a new phone.
Like his father before him, Augie was the travel department at

Arlington. No auxiliary staff handled logistics as they did at DTS and Southwestern. The head techie at Dallas was Biff Dyer, a string bean of a man a few years older than Augie with an Adam’s apple that could apply for statehood. He could always be counted on to program Augie’s phone, depending on what country he was traveling to.
“Calling from your office phone, I see,” Biff said. “What happened to the cell I got you?”
“It’s been compromised.”
Biff chuckled. “Like you’d know.What makes you think so?” “I need a new one.Trust me.”
“I’ll just switch out the chip.You’re not gonna find a better phone. How soon you need it?”
“Fast as possible.”
“Why doesn’t that surprise me? I’m not deliverin’ it. Can you come by during normal hours?”
There was a knock at Augie’s door and he wrenched around to see
Les Moore’s scowl. “Gotta go, Biff.”
“Sorry, Les. On my way right now. Or do you want to just meet here?” “Here would not be any more appropriate than your insisting on our being on a first-name basis,” Dr. Moore said, scanning the tiny chamber in which the guest chair was folded in a corner and brought out only
when necessary.
“C’mon, Les. You were only a couple years ahead of me. We hung out, didn’t we?”
“Hardly. You spent most of your free time in the gym with the—
what?—six other jocks who happened to enroll here.”
It was true. And everyone knew the library had been where to find
Les Moore.
Augie looked at his watch. Another final at 11. He followed his interim

boss back to his father’s old office. It wasn’t that much bigger than his, but at least the guest chair didn’t block the door.
“Would you start with my dad?” Augie said as he sat.
“I would have thought you’d have already checked in with your mother, but all right. She called this morning, knowing you were in class. Your father has slipped into a coma.”
Augie nodded slowly. “She okay?”
“Your mother? Sure. It’s not like he’s passed. She just thought you might want to visit this afternoon.”
“Appreciate it.”
“Now then, Dr. Knox, I have some paperwork here that I’m going to need you to sign. Frankly, it’s not pleasant, but we’re all expected to be team players and I’m going to assume you’ll accede to the adminis- tration’s wishes.”
“What’s up?”
“You’re scheduled to teach summer-school Homiletics beginning four days after commencement.”
“A week from today, right.”
“And we have contracted with you for this stipend, correct?”
Why Les felt it necessary to pencil the figure on the back of a business card and dramatically slide it across the desk, Augie could not fathom.
“Yep, that’s the fortune that’s going to let me retire by forty.”
“Um-hm. Humorous. It is my sad duty to ask you to agree to under- take the class for two-thirds that amount.”
“You’re serious.” “Always.”
That was for sure.
“Les—Dr. Moore, you know we do these classes pretty much as gifts to the sem. Now they seriously want us to do them for less?”

“This is entirely up to you.” “I can refuse?”
“We’re not going to force you to teach a class when we have to renege on our agreement.”
“Good, because I just don’t think I can do it for that.”
“I’ll report your decision. We’ll be forced to prevail upon a local adjunct instruct—”
“Like that youth pastor at Arlington Bible—” “He’s a graduate, Dr. Knox.”
“I know! I taught him. And he’s a great kid, but he didn’t do all that well in Homiletics, and there’s a reason they let him preach only a couple of times a year over there.”
“He’ll be happy to do it for this figure—probably even for less.” “And the students be hanged.”
Les cocked his head. “Naturally, we would prefer you . . .”
Augie reached for his pen and signaled with his fingers for the doc- ument.
“I’m glad I can count on you, Dr. Knox. Now, while we’re on the subject, I’m afraid there’s more.You were due for a four percent increase beginning with the fall trimester.”
“Let me guess, that’s not going to happen either.” “It’s worse.”
“What, now it’s a four percent decrease?” “I wish.”
“Oh, no.”
“Dr. Knox, we have seen an alarming downturn in admissions, and the administration is predicting a fall enrollment that puts us at less than breakeven, even with massive budget cuts.We’re all being asked to accept twenty percent reductions in pay.”

Augie slumped. “I was hoping to get married this fall, Les. I can barely afford the payments on my little house as it is.”
“This is across the board, Dr. Knox. The president, the deans, the chairs, all of us. Some departments are actually losing personnel. Mainte- nance will be cut in half, and we’ll all be expected to help out.”
Arlington had been staggering along on a shoestring for decades, but this was dire. “Tell me the truth, Dr. Moore. Is this the beginning of the end? Should I entertain the offers I’ve gotten from Dallas over the years?” “Oh, no! The trustees wish us to weather this storm, redouble our efforts to market our distinctives, and then more than make up for the pay cuts as soon as we’re able. Besides, the way your father bad-mouthed Dallas and Southwestern his whole career, you wouldn’t dream of insult-
ing him by going to either, would you?”
“He bad-mouthed everything and everybody, Les.You know that.” “Not a pleasant man. No offense.”
Augie shrugged. “You worked for him. I lived with him.”
“Do you know, I have heard not one word from your father since the day I was asked to temporarily assume his role? No counsel, no guidelines, no encouragement, nothing. I assumed he was angry that you had not been appointed—”
That made Augie laugh.“He still sees me as a high school kid! Forget all my degrees. Anyway, I wouldn’t want his job, or yours. It’s not me.”
“How well I know. I mean, I’m just saying, you’re not the typical prof, let alone department chair.”
“I’m not arguing.”
Augie couldn’t win. Despite having been at the top of his classes in college and seminary, his having been a high school jock and continu- ing to shoot hoops, play touch football, and follow pro sports made him an outsider among real academics.Too many times he had been asked if

he was merely a seminary prof because that was what his father wanted for him.
Dr. Moore slid the new employment agreement across the desk. “Sorry, Les, but this one I’m going to have to think and pray about.” The interim chair seemed to freeze. “Don’t take too long. If they
aren’t sure they can count on you for the fall, they’ll want to consider the many out-of-work professors who would be thrilled, in the current econ- omy, to accept.”
“Yeah, that would help. Stock the faculty with young assistant pas- tors.”
“May I hear from you by the end of the day?”
“Probably not, but you’ll be the first to know what I decide.”
Back in his own office, Augie popped the chip out of his cell phone and put it in a separate pocket. He called his mother from his desk phone to assure her he would see her at the hospital late in the afternoon, then called Biff to tell him he would try to stop by DTS on his way.
“What’s the big emergency?” Biff said.
“Roger Michaels has himself in some kind of trouble.” “Tell me when you get here.”
During his 11:00 a.m. final Augie was summoned to the administra- tive offices for an emergency call. On the way he stopped by to see if Les would stand in for him again, but his office was dark.The final would just have to be unsupervised for a few minutes.
“Do you know who’s calling?” he said to the girl who had fetched him. If it was his mother . . .
“Someone from Greece.”
He finally reached the phone and discovered it was Sofia. “Thought you wanted me to call later, babe.You all right?”
“Roger is frantic to reach you.”

“I know. He—”
“He gave me a new number and needs you to call right now, but not from your cell.” She read it to him.
“Any idea what’s going on, Sof ?” Augie said as he scribbled. “This is not like him.”
“No idea, but, Augie, he sounded petrified.” “That doesn’t sound like him either.”
“You can tell me what it’s about later, but you’d better call him right away.”
Augie rushed to his office and dialed the number in Rome. It rang six times before Roger picked up. “Augie?”
“Yes! What’s—”
“Listen carefully. I’ve got just seconds. I need you in Rome as soon as you can get here.”
“Rog, what’s happening? This is the absolute worst time for me to—” “Give Sofia your new cell number and text me your ETA. I’ll give
you a new number where you can call me from Fiumicino as soon as you get in.”
“I don’t know when I could get there, Rog. I’ve got—” “Augie! You know I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t life or death.”


The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman Release Day Party & Scavenger Hunt!



Caralynne Hayman is angry and bitter over the abuse and death of her eleven-year-old daughter at the hands of a radical religious cult – The Children of Righteous Cain. So when her husband, a founding member of the cult, suffers a massive heart attack, Caralynne allows her husband to die. Caralynne’s secret seems safe until Dayne MacFarland returns from college. Determined to learn the truth about the clan, Dayne’s investigation and his rekindled love for Caralynne, lead the pair toward a confrontation with clan leaders. Can Dayne’s love for Caralynne bridge the gulf of anger and bitterness that divide the community? Or will Caralynne’s deadly secret prove too high a price for her redemption?

You can purchase it Here: Amazon

Author Bio:

Carole Brown’s debut novel, The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman, was a semi-finalist in the Genesis contest. Besides being a member and active participant of many writing groups, she enjoys mentoring beginning writers. She loves to weave suspense and tough topics into her books, along with a touch of romance and whimsy, and is always on the lookout for outstanding titles and catchy ideas. She and her husband have ministered and counseled across the country. Together, they enjoy their grandsons, traveling, gardening, good food, the simple life, and did she mention their grandsons?

You can find Carole Here:
Blog  *  Facebook  *  Twitter  *  Goodreads

You can read my review Here.


In The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman, the tattoo of an eye on the inner wrist was used as a religious symbol to identify the members of their cult, “The Children of Righteous Cane”. The Eye tattoo has many meanings and it is up to each individual what exactly that meaning represents to them.

Some of the meanings are:

  • Life
  • Christianity
  • Focus
  • Protection
  • Soul
  • Clarity
  • Intelligence
  • Vision
  • Prophecy
  • Perception
  • Guardian

Although there are many different designs of eye tattoos, the most commonly used as a Religious symbol is the ‘eye of Horus’. This design is used in many cult based groups such as “The Children of Righteous Cane” written about in Carole Brown’s book described above.


Dayne MacFarland left his community at the prompting of Elder Simmons to go to college to become a Preacher. Elder Simmons thought he could use Dayne to continue to feed the members of his “flock” spiritual lies to keep them submissive to his rules. What Elder Simmons didn’t know was while Dayne was away at college he was learning spiritual TRUTHS and he had come back to the community to put a stop to him and those that supported his underhanded tactics. Dayne wanted to bring peace back to the community and that’s exactly what he intended to do.

Now that you have your answers from my blog, make sure to visit the other blogs and gather the answers there as well. To find out which blogs are participating go to the Party Page on Facebook. Not only are there great prize packs to be won by joining the Hunt, there is an ALL DAY EVENT on the Party Page too! Just answer the trivia questions to be eligible to win great prizes! Thank you for joining Miss Carole Brown in celebrating the release of her new book and all the best to you. Now go get those prizes!


Scavenger Hunt Prize List

You’re the Tops Grand Prize:
Decorated box with items: $15.00
handmade apron, one of a kind $20.00
Handmade table runner, one of a kind $20.00
Hand decorated wood recipe box w/cards $25.00
One copy of The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman $15.00
One copy of West Virginia Scrapbook: From the Life
Of Caralynne Hayman $4.00
One gift card from Amazon $10.00
One gift card from either Walmart/Starbucks/or Wendys$10.00
Total Value: $119.00

Running with the Big Dogs Runner Up Prize:
Smaller decorated box: $10.00
Handmade table runner, one of a kind $15.00
Handmade wood recipe box w/cards $25.00
One copy of The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman $15.00
One copy of West Virginia Scrapbook: From the Life
Of Caralynne Hayman $4.00
Total Value: $65.00

Almost Made It Third Prize:
One copy of The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman $15.00
One copy of West Virginia Scrapbook: From the Life
Of Caralynne Hayman $4.00
Total Value: $19.00

Review: Madeline’s Protector by Vanessa Riley

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null Book Info:

Date Published: August 19, 2013

Publisher: White Rose Publishing

Author: Vanessa Riley

If all the young men of England leapt off a cliff, Madeline St. James wouldn’t care. Then she’d have peace. Her nightmares of courtship would end,and she’d cozy up with a Psalm in her aunt’s quiet sculpture garden. Yet, a chance meeting and a bullet wound change everything, and Madeline must trust the Good Shepherd has led her to the altar to marry a dashing stranger, Lord Devonshire.

Death and pain are no strangers to Justain Delveaux, Lord Devonshire, and he vows his dutiful bride will be kept safe and in her place. Though this compromised marriage is in-name-only, his wife and her unwavering faith both intrigue and allure him. Perchance when he thwarts his brother’s killer, Justain will tempt the unpredictable Madeline with the comfort of his arms. But can Madeline and the stubborn earl forge a true bond before the next disaster strikes?

You can order it Here:
Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Christianbook.com

Meet The Author:

Even as she pursued engineering degrees, Vanessa Riley’s love of 19th century history yielded a hunger to take as many Western Civilization credits as possible (two classes shy of a minor). Vanessa adores Regency times with its conflicts between Church and State, the clash of the classes, and the sweeping romances. Her mission is to have the world fall in love with powerful Regency heroes and heroines who battle for peace with a flintlock and a prayer.

Vanessa writes from the comfort of her southern porch with a cup of Earl Grey or Cinnamon Spice.

You can find Vanessa Here:
Blog  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Pinterest

My Favorite Scene:

  “Her soft tongue grazed his cheek. Justain wasted no time in enfolding her in his embrace. He’d been tempting her this past week, finding ways to hold her hand during their isolated travels. He’d stroke her hair for no reason.

  Madeline’s lips slipped to his neck.

  He groaned and lifted her head. “What is it that you want of me, Madeline? I’m your humble servant.”

  She smoothed the crush of her fushia gown.”Everything, but you’ll only give this much.” Madeline motioned with her fingers an inch.

  He patted her hand down to the blanket. “You don’t think that you’ll win everything or that I’m not capable of giving more?”

  “It’s getting late. We should settle in for the evening.” She started searching for her crutch.

  He sat up and pushed the staff from her reach. “Answer my question.”

  “You hide me notes that speak of unveiled emotions. That’s not you. You’re restrained, even in the way you kiss me.” Madeline set the dishes back into their basket. “I believe you will always hide parts of yourself from me. You don’t trust me enough.”

  “Trust?” He shook his head. “My sending you notes has nothing to do with trust.”

  “You’re right.” Madeline put a final plate away. “Your heart has too many defenses. My knight bears too much armour.”

  “Well, a man needs to know when his attention is wanted. You should speak of your desires.”

  “Why, for you to kiss me on the forehead? Pat my head like a good girl.” She tossed a mug into the basket. It clanged as it banged against the other dishes. “Sorry, I guess I hoped there was more to it. The poets make a kiss sound grand.”

  Excellent. Madeline felt frustrated. Justain untied the ribbons of her bonnet and tossed the hat to the blanket. “I’ve never thoroughly kissed you, Madeline.”

  The heart-shaped face studied him. She narrowed her eyes. “Thoroughly?”

  His words must have puzzled her, but if he was to do this now it must be right. “May I?”

  Madeline nodded her consent.

  He flicked away the pins of her chignon to free the bundled tresses. Then, gripping her shoulders, he drew her back into his arms and nibbled the edge of her jaw. “The poets don’t lie.” His lips covered hers. Tasting and nipping, he found his reward, the moist temptation of her deepest kiss.

  Trailing his fingers down her back to encourage her, he felt her temple. Should he relent?

  Her flailing hands settled on the space between his shoulders. She tightened her grip and pressed further into his embrace. Madeline saught his mouth with urgency, matching his intensity.

  Justain pulled her to his chest as he sank against the heavy wool.

  She touched his face and smooth away wisps of hair drizzling down his cheek, then reclaimed his lips.

  His thoughts spun. Strawberry fragrance swirled around him.Justain hadn’t expected Madeline to be this warm, this inviting. Who was being seduced?

  This was too public a place to conceive a Delveaux heir, but would her exploring mood last if he moved them indoors? “Madeline, we should go in before it gets dark.”

  “Not yet.” Her thumbs twisted in the tails of his cravat, yanking it asunder. She lingered about his Adam’s apple before returning to his mouth.

  The measured pacing of their romance erupted in flames. She was kindling wooc, and her warmth blazed his skin.

  He wrapped his arms about her tightly. “Shall we retire for the evening?”

  She abruptly pulled back. Her large eyes seemed filled with questions. No, she wasn’t quite ready to surrender.

  He released her, sat up, and closed the basket. “We have a long ride tomorrow. I suppose I should get you settled into your room?”

  “Yes, I think that’s best.””

Meet The Characters:

Madeline St. James: Madeline grew up a very spiritual person at the hands of her mother. Despite everything she has been through since her mother’s death, most recently being attacked, she hasn’t lost her faith. She put every ounce of her being into fighting the demons of those she loves to bring them to Christ.

Justain Delveaux: Justain is a fighter. He fights to protect those he cares about and he fights the demons from his past. When it becomes too much, he turns to drinking but, after metting Madeline, he loses his desire to drown his sorrows. He is a very proud and stubborn man that keeps his feelings bottle up inside.

Reverend Devlin Delveaux: Devlin is Justain’s cousin but they were raised together and are like brothers. Faithful to God and loyal to those he loves. His one desire is to see Justain beat his demons from the past and be happy with God and his new bride.

Jonathan Winton: Jonathan is Justain’s steward and very good friend. He is always there with advice and he always comes through when needed.

My Thoughts:

After her mother’s death, Madeline St. James grew up in constant fighting and bickering between her father and step-mother. Before leaving to stay with her aunt, Lady Cecil Glaston, she was attacked by her step-mother’s brother. She has known nothing but heartache for years and her only illusions of love are gathered from the poems she reads. When her purse is stolen and Justain Delveaux comes to her aid, it starts a series of events that lead them to marriage. While Madeline has come to care for Justain, she has her doubts he could ever love her. Not only does she fight to save his soul, she fights to win his love.

After the death of his father and, most recently his brother, Justain Delveaux is fighting to restore his family’s estate and assests. He is constantly on lookout for the tirrants that are trying to kill him, or so he thinks. After so much devestation in his life he turns to alcohol to soothe his spirit, not realizing only God can soothe the wounds and hurts he carries with him at all times. When he helps a distressed Madeline, he never imagines their paths will forever become joined. But he soons comes to realize that he loves Madeline and wants forever to be Madeline’s Protector.

Madeline’s Protector was a very enjoyable book. Vanessa Riley stayed true to the history of the “Ton” or “The Society of London”. She wove together an exciting romance and suspense all in one. As they say” The Plot Thickens”. In Madeline’s Protector you never really knew what to expect next. It kept you guessing with the turn of every page. The romance between Madeline and Justain was a battle that was fought hard all the way to the end. Neither knew how to trust and put their demons aside, but God brought them together and healed their wounds. A great read! If you like regency romance, you’ll like Madeline’s Protector!

Regency Tidbits:

  • What is “the Ton”?… The “Ton” were those families that were made up the high society in London. The majority of them live in castles and manors on large estates in the country. This includes the Royals, titled aristocracy, and old landed gentry as well as politicians, a few wealthy merchants and manufacturers, a few doctors and artists.

  • What is “the Season”?… “The Season” came about when those of the “Ton” had to visit London from time-to-time to take care of business matters. The Season was the name given to the months between late January and early July. It officially began when Parliament re-opened in London and was an endless parade of social entertainments – balls, theatre parties, dances, masquerades, military reviews, and many other social pleasures to be enjoyed by the ton.

  • Being a part of the “Ton” requires you maintain your position by not publically humiliating yourself, being seen with the right people and wearing only the most fashionable garments.

  • “Ton” society was intensely class-conscious and the social hierarchy was incredibly rigid. Birth, wealth, titles, and other factors determined class standing.

  • Families with marriageable children used the Season to present their children to the ton in hopes of arranging profitable marriages.

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Review: Trouble In Store by Carol Cox

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null Book Info:

Date Published: July 1, 2013

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

Author: Carol Cox

Historical Suspense and Romance in the Wild West

Fired from her most recent governess position, Melanie Ross must embrace her last resort: the Arizona mercantile she inherited from her cousin. But Caleb Nelson is positive he inherited the mercantile, and he’s not about to let some obstinate woman with newfangled ideas mess up all he’s worked for. He’s determined to get Melanie married off as soon as possible, and luckily there are plenty of single men in town quite interested in taking her off his hands.

The problem is, Caleb soon realizes he doesn’t want her to marry up with any of them. He’s drawn to Melanie more every day, and he has to admit some of her ideas for the store unexpectedly offer positive results.

But someone doesn’t want the store to succeed, and what used to be just threatening words has escalated into deliberate destruction and lurkers in the night. When a body shows up on the mercantile steps–and the man obviously didn’t die from natural causes–things really get dangerous. Can Melanie and Caleb’s business–and romance–survive the trouble that’s about to come their way?

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Meet The Author:

Native Arizonan Carol Cox has an abiding love for history, mystery, and romance. The author of more than 25 books, she believes in the power of story to convey spiritual truths. A pastor’s wife and homeschooling mom, she makes her home with her husband and daughter in a remote spot in northern Arizona, where the deer and the antelope really do play–within view of the family’s front porch.

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My Favorite Scene:

  “Caleb raised his hand, cutting her off. “Let’s not spoil the evening.” He turned his head slightly and gave her a wry grin, adding “We can always get back to arguing tomorrow. For now, let’s relax and— Wait a minute. I know just the thing.”

  He rose and went over to one of the shelves and returned with the music box in his hands. After moving their bowls aside to clear a space in the middle of the table, he wound the key and set the box down with care. Then he lifted the lid and slid the lever inside to the right. The mechanism whirred, then the cylinder began to rotate and a tinkling melody filled the air.

  Melanie’s heart quickened when she recognized the tune. “‘Liebestraum.’ That was one of my grandmother’s favorite pieces. She used to play it on her piano when I was a little girl.” She leaned her head against the back of the chair and let the music sweep her away, back to a time when she felt safe… protected… loved.

  Closing her eyes, she could envision the way she used to bob and pirouette to the music while her grandmother’s fingers moved nimbly across the ivory keys. When she opened her eyes again, she saw a glimmer of amusement in Caleb’s eyes and realized she had been swaying in her chair, as though dancing again in her grandmother’s parlor.

  Her cheeks flamed when she thought how foolish she must have appeared. But Caleb didn’t seem put off in the least. Instead, he stretched out his hand and bowed. “Would you care to dance?”

  “Here? Now?” She studied his face, Was he making fun of her? his smile was still in place, but it was a kind, inviting smile, not a mocking one. Wordlessly, she let him help her to her feet and placed her left hand on his shoulder.

  His steps were light and sure as he waltzed her around the small open area od their “dining room.” The touch of his fingers on hers and the warmth of his hand at her waist sent a tingle from her neck to her toes. She stared into his eyes, wondering if he felt it, as well.

  Their feet glided across the floor in unison with the music, slowing as the mechanism wound down and coming to rest as the last notes faded away. She could feel Caleb’s pulse under her fingertips, matching the beat of her own heart. They stood together in the silence— not moving, not speaking, just staring into each other’s eyes.

  Caleb licked his lips and tilted his head down. “Melanie?” His voice sounded husky in the stillness.


  He caught his breath and she heard him swallow.

  “I think it’s time for Levi and me to go home.””

Meet The Characters:

Melanie Ross: A former Governess, Melanie has a way with children that comes natural. She is a faith-filled woman that is very loyal to those she cares for. Her character comes across as being a little weak in the beginning but she finds her strength a hundred fold by the end. She is strong, kind, gentle and protective.

Caleb Nelson: A strong man of faith, Caleb is the father of Levi, a rambunctious but loving little boy. Caleb is outspoken and fights for what he believes in. A gentle and kind man that knows what he wants.

Mrs. Fetterman: I couldn’t leave out Mrs. Fetterman. She was one of the highlights of the book. She was very comical and had me laughing more than once. I was almost sorry when she got her new glasses.

My Thoughts:

Melanie Ross was a Governess until unforseen circumstances found her unemployed. She was alone in the world, so she headed west to Arizona hoping to secure employment with her late uncle’s best friend. But it wasn’t Alvin she found when she got there. It was Alvin’s nephew Caleb. From the very beginning they clashed. Melanie was determined to be a part of her late uncle George’s mercantile. It was her only means of supporting herself and she wasn’t about to give up easily. Caleb was just as determined to keep her out. His uncle Alvin’s mercantile was how he provided for his son, Levi, and he wasn’t about to let some know-it-all woman get involved. The battle of wills between the two eventually turned into feelings neither expected. Add to that a murder or two and you have a well-rounded story that keeps you guessing until the end.

This was a great story. Very well written as the story flows smoothly from beginning to end with a few surprises along the way. Full of romance, faith and even a little suspense. An Historical Who-dun-it. This was my first book by Carol Cox but she is now a new favorite to add to my list. I look forward to her next book and hope to share my thoughts with you. If you haven’t read it, I suggest you check it out.

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Review: Angel Of The Cove by Sandra Robbins

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null Book Info:

Date Published: August 1, 2012

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

Author: Sandra Robbins

“God gives us lots of things we don’t notice ’cause we’re too busy lookin’ in the wrong places. Sometimes He’s got a blessing waitin’ right under our noses.”
It’s 1894, and Anna Prentiss has never wanted to be anything but a nurse. Before she can start school in New York, however, her brother sends her to Cades Cove, deep in the Smoky Mountains, to spend a summer apprenticing to the local midwife. Anna is determined to prove herself and then head to the big city.

But nothing could have prepared Anna for the beauty of the Cove, or the community and friendships she finds there. And she certainly wasn’t prepared for Simon Martin, the handsome young minister, or the feelings he arouses in her. Has God’s plan for Anna changed? Or is she just starting to hear Him clearly?
In the first book in the Smoky Mountain Dreams series, acclaimed author Sandra Robbins weaves a tale of love, loss, and God’s faithfulness in every circumstance.

Meet The Author:

Sandra Robbins Sandra Robbins and her husband live in the small college town in Tennessee where she grew up. They count their four children and five grandchildren as the greatest blessings in their lives. Her published books include stories in historical romance and romantic suspense. When not writing or spending time with her family, Sandra enjoys reading, collecting flow blue china, and playing the piano.

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My Favorite Scene:

  He motioned for Anna. “Follow me.”

  They walked a short distance up the creek bank until they came to a spot where the limestone formations branched out into the water. The trail climbed at this point across the rocks, and Anna viewed the path with uncertainty.

  Simon reached his hand out toward Anna. “Come on. There’s a great view of the creek from up here.”

  Anna hesitated. “It’s too steep. I don’t think I can make it.”

  He continued to hold his hand out to her. “I’ll pull you up, but be careful. The moss on the rocks makes it slippery.

  She grabbed his hand, and he gripped her fingers. With careful steps he guided her to the top of the outcropping until they stood looking down to the water eight feet below. He released her as she looked around, her eyes wide.

  “It feels like we’re alone in the world, doesn’t it?”

  He stared at her, unable to make himself look away. “I wanted to bring you here to see this, Anna.” She tilted her head and looked into his eyes. He swallowed. “I told you about my parents the day you were at John and Martha’s, how my grandfather didn’t want my mother to stay in the Cove. She wanted to stay, but she hated to defy her father. My father brought her here to see Abram’s Creek. He thought if she fell in love with the beauty of the cove, she’d never leave him.

  Anna let her gaze drift over the rocks and the tumbling water below them. “It worked because you and John are still here.”

  “Yes, we’re still here.”

  She turned to him. “Thank you for bringing me to a place so special to your parents. I think this is my favorite place in the Cove too. I’ll never forget it.”

  He’d failed again. He thought maybe the magic that Abram’s Creek had worked on his mother would also work on Anna, but it hadn’t. His chest tightened at the thought the he would probably never be here with her again. He had nothing left to convince her to stay.

  “We’d better go,” He said.

  She nodded and turned to leave. Without warning her foot slipped on the wet rock and she lurched forward. He grabbed her and jerked her back before she toppled over the edge to the creek below.

  He pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her shaking body. His heart pounded in his chest and he tighted the embrace. Her cheek lay next to his mouth, and he whispered in her ear. “You scared me.”

  Her shaking arms went up to encircle his neck. “Thank you, Simon. I would have gone over if you hadn’t caught me.”

  He pulled back from her and gazed down into her face. She returned his stare with unblinking eyes. Suddenly he didn’t care if she was leaving or not. This was the woman he loved, and he wanted her to return his love.

  “Anna, I’ve tried to just be your friend, but I don’t think I can.”

  Her lips trembled. “Simon…”

  He tightened his arms around her. “Anna, you belong here in Cades Cove with me. I can’t believe God brought you hear without there being a purpose in it.”

  Tears stood in her eyes. “Simon…”

  He clenched his teeth. “You don’t want to go to New York, and you know it. You’re commited to something you decided when you were a child. Well, you’re a woman now. You can make your own decisions, Anna.”

  She closed her eyes and a tear trickled out of the side. Then she took a deep breath and stared up at him. Her arms tightened around his neck.

  His eyes went to her mouth, and his lips descended toward hers. She lifted her head, welcoming his kiss.

Meet The Characters:

Anna Prentiss: A dreamer since childhood, Anna has always wanted to become a nurse. Her determination to make it happen is obvious to everyone around her. She is a strong woman and takes on every challenge that comes her way. As tough as life is in the Cove, Anna proves she is tougher. A woman of faith, Anna only needs to learn to hear God and let him guide her in His plan for her instead of trying to make her own way.

Simon Martin: Even though Simon is a man of strong faith he struggles with self doubts. He questions God about His plan for the life he seems to be called to live, even though his dreams are leading him in another direction. Simon is loyal, trustworthy and always there for the community of Cades Cove.

Granny: The local midwife of Cades Cove, Granny is held in very high esteem by the members of the community. Her skills as a midwife is well known and her talent for teaching is respected by Anna. Granny is struggling with secrets of her own and relies on God to provide whatever she may need to survive daily life in the Cove.

My Thoughts:

This is a story I really looked forward to reading because it is set in the Great Smokey Mountains, practically my favorite place in the world. I fell in love with them when I was a child and that love has only grown since that time. I remember the ramshackle cabins dotting the beautiful hillsides that never seemed to end. Sandra Robbins captured that perfectly in Angel Of The Cove. The detail she used to describe the birthing process in the 1800’s was very informative. I learned alot about midwifery that I never knew and it gave me a new respect for both the midwife and the mother.

The love story between Anna and Simon was beautiful but, often times, repetitive. They would draw close and then Anna would push them apart. I wanted to shout at her to “Give in already!” but, of course, I couldn’t. The one thing that slowed down my reading time was the “slang of the cove”. There was such a pronounced accent in the writing style that I found myself picking my way through sentences slowly. This may not bother some but it was a tiny snag in things for me. Other than that, I found the story to be enjoyable. I will be reading the other books in this series later on so that says something for the quality of the book. I did like this book and, if you want a good story for some summer reading, I recommend it.

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