Review: A Long Way Home by Dorothy Love

null When Libby Summerfield landed on the doorstep of Logan St. John, 8 months pregnant and a bullet wound to the shoulder, Logan’s world turned upside down. Logan, a trapper by trade with an old bear wound to his leg, thought he had nothing to offer Libby and baby Noel.

Libby, only wanted to get back to Boston and her family after the death of her previous husband. Landing on Logan St. John’s doorstep, soaked to the skin and bleeding, was not in her plans. But she was stranded in Dead Man’s Gulch, a rough and tumble mining town, where the miners drank, gambled and fought until dawn.

Will Libby’s and new baby Noel’s influence change the town and win Logan’s heart? Will Logan realize that even though he has nothing to offer Libby and Noel he has everything she could ever need?

I just loved this story. I cried and laughed and saw love through new eyes. Logan is a character to fall in love with and the rough and tumble miners tug at your heart strings. Margaret Brownley is a true writer in ever sense of the word. She has a talent for story telling that goes beyond the average. I highly recommend this book and the author!

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My Rating: 5 out of 5 Palms



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