Review: Beauty For Ashes by Dorothy Love

null Carrie Daly, after losing her husband in the Civil War years earlier, is content with her life. She lives with her brother Henry and is being courted by local bookstore owner, Nate Chastain. She sees her future and, although it’s not exactly what she had in mind, she is satisfied with the road her life is taking… Until Griff Rutledge comes to town.

When Griff Rutledge came to the town of Hickory Ridge chasing down a woman who owed him a debt, it was supposed to be a quick trip. Collect what was owed him and head back home. When he rescued Carrie Daly from an oncoming horse and buggy his plans quickly changed. Was it love at first sight? Perhaps… but all Griff knew was he wanted to get to know Carrie better.

Carrie’s desire to spend time with Griff soons finds her throwing propriety aside. Will Griff win her heart or will Nate be the one she marries?

Dorothy Love never dissapoints. This is the second book in the Hickory Ridge novels and I am so looking forward to reading Sophie’s story next. If you love inspirational romance with heart-warming story you’ll love Beauty For Ashes.

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My Rating: 5 out of 5 Palms



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